Our international network has been engineered to offer the lowest latencies available for WAN connectivity.

Our most popular routes:

Location A Location B RTD (in ms)
Chicago (Aurora DC3) Dubai (DGCX)
Chicago (Aurora DC3) Moscow (MOEX)
Chicago (Aurora DC3) Mumbai (BKC)
Chicago (Aurora DC3) Shanghai (SHFE)
Dubai (DGCX) Mumbai (BKC)
Dubai (DGCX) Singapore (SGX)
Frankfurt (FR2) Dubai (DGCX)
Frankfurt (FR2) Istanbul (Borsa)
Frankfurt (FR2) Madrid (BME)
Frankfurt (FR2 and FR5) Moscow (Ixcellerate)
Frankfurt (FR2 and FR5) Stockholm (Digiplex, Nasdaq)
Hong Kong (HKEX) Tokyo (JPX @TY)
London (Interxion) Stockholm (Digiplex, Nasdaq)
London (Interxion Hanbury St.) Frankfurt (FR2)
London (LD4) Moscow (Ixcellerate)
London (LD4) Dubai (DGCX)
London (LD4) Istanbul (Borsa)
London (LD4) Mumbai (BKC)
London (LD4) New York (NY4)
London (LHC) Madrid (BME)
London (LHC) Singapore (SGX)
London (Interxion) Tokyo (CC1)
London (LonIX) Hong Kong (HKEX)
London (LonIX) Shanghai
Moscow (Ixcellerate) Stockholm (Digiplex, Nasdaq)
Stockholm (Telecity Bromma) Moscow (Ixcellerate)
Singapore (SGX) Hong Kong (HKEX)
Singapore (SGX) Tokyo (JPX, @TY)
Tokyo (TY3) New York (NY4)

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