The following list represents the active cloud onramps owned and operated by BSO. These are dedicated to BSO and allow us to provide your business with the most secure and best-performing path to the cloud.

Cloud providerRegionLocation
AWS CloudUS-East-1Ashburn
AWS CloudUS-East-2Ohio
AWS CloudUS-West-1San Jose
AWS CloudUS-West-2Oregon
AWS CloudCA-Central-1Montreal
AWS CloudEU-West-1Dublin
AWS CloudEU-Central-1Frankfurt
AWS CloudEU-West-2London
AWS CloudEU-West-3London
AWS CloudAP-Northeast-1Tokyo
AWS CloudAP-Southeast-1Singapore
AWS CloudAP-East-1Hong Kong
Cloud providerRegionLocation
AzureEast USAshburn
AzureCanada CentralSan Jose
AzureWest USAmsterdam
AzureSan JoseSingapore
Cloud providerRegionLocation
Google CloudUS-East4Ashburn
Google CloudAshburnLos Angeles
Google CloudUS-West2Amsterdam
Google CloudLos AngelesFrankfurt
Google CloudEurope-West4London
Google CloudAmsterdamSingapore
Google CloudEurope-West3Tokyo
Cloud providerRegionLocation
IBM CloudUS EastAshburn
IBM CloudUK SouthLondon
Cloud providerRegionLocation
Oracle CloudUK SouthLondon
Cloud providerRegionLocation
Alibaba CloudChina (Hong Kong)Hong Kong

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