Cryptocurrencies are here to stay. Specialised crypto trading firms and growing interest amongst institutional investors are driving investment in low latency connectivity solutions for crypto trading. BSO Crypto Connect is here to help. 


Our latencies
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Providing premium access to crypto

Crypto Connect is the simplest and most comprehensive low latency crypto trading solution on the market. No other provider matches our latencies, quality, reach and capabilities nor our knowledge of cloud connectivity. 

Crypto Connect supports dedicated 10Mbps to 10Gbps connections delivered over fixed paths with a static latency. High-availability options are also available. 


Why BSO for Crypto Connect? 

BSO’s global network covers 240 data centres across 33 countries with 40+ active cloud onramps, making Crypto Connect’s coverage ideal for this fast-changing industry. 

Leaders in cloud networking
BSO has been offering private connectivity to cloud services providers since its inception. We were involved in the beta programmes for both AWS and Google Cloud, and have held long-term relationships with Azure, IBM, Oracle and Alibaba. 

Global low latency backbone
15 years of building and optimising our global low latency backbone ensure traders stay ahead of the competition.


What do our clients say?

Thomas Schmeling, Chief Executive Officer at CryptoStruct, said:
“We engaged BSO because of its international reach, reputation for ultra low latency connectivity, and experience in highly regulated financial markets. These qualities have proven true; however, it is BSO’s pace and flexibility that have stood out to us again and again.” 

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