Ultra Low Latencies


Our international network has been engineered to offer the lowest latencies available for global connectivity. Here are some of our most popular routes:

Location A Location B RTD (in ms)
Chicago (Aurora DC3) Dubai (DGCX) 164
Chicago (Aurora DC3) Moscow (MOEX) 105.4
Chicago (Aurora DC3) Mumbai (BKC) 175.255
Chicago (Aurora DC3) Shanghai (SHFE) 152
Dubai (DGCX) Mumbai (BKC) 27
Dubai (DGCX) Singapore (SGX) 74
Frankfurt (FR2) Dubai (DGCX) 92
Frankfurt (FR2) Istanbul (Borsa) 36
Frankfurt (FR2) Madrid (BME) 23.58
Frankfurt (FR2 and FR5) Moscow (Ixcellerate) 35 optimised to sub 33
Frankfurt (FR2 and FR5) Stockholm (Digiplex, Nasdaq) 18.8
Hong Kong (HKEX) Tokyo (JPX @TY) 42.189
London (Interxion) Stockholm (Digiplex, Nasdaq) 20.693
London (Interxion Hanbury St.) Frankfurt (FR2) 8.8
London (LD4) Moscow (Ixcellerate) 37.5
London (LD4) Dubai (DGCX) 93
London (LD4) Istanbul (Borsa) 45
London (LD4) Mumbai (BKC) 110
London (LD4) New York (NY4) 63
London (LHC) Madrid (BME) 21.32
London (LHC) Singapore (SGX) 163
London (Interxion) Tokyo (CC1) 148.9
London (LonIX) Hong Kong (HKEX) 174
London (LonIX) Shanghai 160
Moscow (Ixcellerate) Stockholm (Digiplex, Nasdaq) 16.8
Stockholm (Telecity Bromma) Moscow (Ixcellerate) 16.5
Singapore (SGX) Hong Kong (HKEX) 29.7
Singapore (SGX) Tokyo (JPX, @TY) 63.7
Tokyo (TY3) New York (NY4) 136

Looking for an international route that’s not listed? These latencies are just a selection of our most popular point-to-point connections. Find out more.

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  • London - Tokyo 156ms RTD - FX
  • Frankfurt - Madrid 23.6ms RTD - FX
  • Dubai - Mumbai - Twitter
  • London - New York 63.3ms RTD - FX

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