If you require secure, agile and flexible IT infrastructure to support your growing enterprise, our cloud services are the solution. You can maintain complete control and reduce your capital and operating expenditures without any compromise on performance or availability. Confidently scale up or down on demand with BSO.

We understand that every business is different and its cloud architecture needs to be bespoke in order to fully support its IT operations. At BSO we design individual solutions to support mission-critical workloads, security concerns, uptime requirements and management demands.

Utilise shared infrastructure through the public cloud for a cost-effective solution or choose our private cloud offering which provides you with dedicated, proprietary infrastructure for your organisation. We also offer as much or as little hands-on management as you need, giving you the access and control necessary for your organisation’s expansion into the cloud.

Our bespoke private, public and hybrid cloud solutions cover a wide range of services that include:

• Virtual Private Servers
• Virtual Private Infrastructure
• Cloud Back-Up as a Service
• Network Security as a Service
• Load Balancing as a Service
• IP Transit
• DDoS Protection

Cloud Services Summary
Disaster Recovery and Full Resiliency
Agile, Scalable Solutions
Highly Secure with DDoS Protection Available
24/7/365 Technical Support


Data is crucial. Every enterprise needs a disaster prevention strategy to guard against risk and downtime. We help implement an efficient backup and recovery procedure that protects your data continuously.

Our services include:

Virtual Machine Backup – Built from the market leading solution, VEEAM Backup and Replication, we can ensure reliable backup and recovery of your virtual machines.
File Backup – Our BACULA solution allows us to manage the backup and recovery of your files and databases.
Archive – Enable long-term, low-cost storage of your backup data while adhering to regulatory and compliance requirements.

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Our storage-as-a-service solutions maintain your business operations and ensure the continued performance, resiliency and scalability of your critical applications. Our solutions support not only your Disaster Recovery Plan, but also your Business Continuity Plan implementations.

Our services include:

SAN as a Service – This provides a dedicated Logical Unit Number (LUN) on our shared Storage Area Network (SAN) infrastructure.

NAS as a Service – Network-attached Storage (NAS) is used to distribute voluminous data between application servers and to share and store user data in line with your IT policy.


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