9 April 2018


Our CEO, Michael Ourabah, is featured in Information Age discussing the only strategy businesses should follow to cope with unexpected network surges

network surgesInformation Age 06/04/2017: The digital world has made accessing goods, services and information possible within a matter of seconds. From ordering a pizza to the front door to having a taxi arrive at the tap of a button. What the transformation of digital services has shown is that customers want it all, and they want it now. This 24/7 culture has meant that businesses in all sectors face fresh challenges – it’s no longer just about providing a service digitally, but about making sure that the service is available to the user quickly and seamlessly.

McKinsey research found that only 13% of consumers describe themselves as “loyalists” and the rise of the “shop around” consumer is growing. This proves the point that businesses need to provide the best possible service if they are to ensure new, and existing, customers when loyalty can no longer be relied upon. Michael Ourabah

Against this backdrop, organisations sector-wide are ploughing their energy into making sure that they can deliver services on any day, at any hour and from any location. Part of this includes planning for times where traffic to a website, for example, might be particularly high.