At BSO, we have always focused on serving the fast-moving needs of the finance community.

Our unique finance network, ‘BSO Finance Connect’, connects established and emerging markets, enabling profitable trading opportunities across the most stable and fastest network infrastructure available.

Our finance network has been finely tuned, engineered and optimised to deliver the most reliable low latency point-to-point connectivity. We also offer fully diverse and protected paths across the globe.

Connecting 26 major financial exchanges across Europe, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and North America, we are committed to improving cross-cultural, intra-region exchange access for our financial customers.

As a result, we’re uniquely placed to help banks, high frequency traders (HFTs) and algorithmic traders, exchanges, market data providers and the whole finance community build a secure network as their foundation for competitive advantage.


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BSO really stands out for just how far the team will go to ensure we are happy. They understand how critical connectivity is to our clients’ trading and investment objectives.


BSO's Global Connectivity Aids Record Foreign Trading Volumes for Borsa Ístanbul

BSO and Borsa Istanbul partnered in July 2015. Since then BSO's global connectivity has helped the Borsa increase their foreign trading volume by 52%.

Experience the difference.

“BSO’s specialism in the financial sector gave us the confidence to entrust
our connectivity to a team that never rests on its laurels.”

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