24 October 2017


We’re humbled to have received yet another award nomination in 2017! This time we’ve been shortlisted in Capacity’s Global Carrier Awards.

The nomination for Best Asian Project Award reflects our international expertise and our ability to transform emerging markets into easy-to-access, profitable regions for our clients.

This year we’ve engineered a number of new and enhanced connectivity routes across the Asia-Pacific region and increased our footprint in key locations in China, Taiwan and Japan, amongst others.

Connectivity into China is always a pain point highlighted in discovery meetings with new clients. But it needn’t be a stumbling block. With the right network strategy, it’s possible to get the access and stability required in the region.

An example of this is how we support global media agency Fred and Farid to run a high quality, always-on video conferencing service across their offices in New York, Paris and Shanghai. This provides a collaborative creative environment for their staff, overcoming geographical limitations.

Our ongoing project with broker Sucden Financial is another great example of overcoming challenges in the region. Gavin Parker, COO of Sucden Financial, comments on his experience:

“It is crucial we have a network service partner that understands the Asian landscape and specifically the ever-changing dynamics of the Chinese market. We have been really impressed with BSO’s knowledge of the local market from day one and believe it was essential for developing the best solution for our needs.”

Did you know we were crowned ‘Best Low Latency Network Provider’ earlier this year?

We are delighted to have been honored in the Intelligent Trading Technology Awards, voted for by members of the financial community back in June. The competition was fierce, but our customer service and technical excellence reigned supreme!

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