5 March 2018


FOW Amsterdam

We are glad to announce that we will be attending FOW Trading Amsterdam on 7th March at the Okura Hotel.

FOW Trading Amsterdam is an event that brings together the Dutch algorithmic and proprietary trading community for a day of debate and discussion on major topics such as MiFID II, cryptocurrencies, the implications of Brexit for the European market and the future of trading.

After lunch, we will be discussing what’s changed, what needs to change and what’s still to be done under MiFID II, two months into the regime. A major concern for trading firms is knowing when regulators will begin to get tough on compliance.

For example, firms who fail to identify the exact point at which a trade has been timestamped in line with coordinated universal time (UTC), are at risk of paying substantial fines under MiFID II (RTS-25).

Meet with Judith Perez, Business Development Director and Thomas Lanaute, Sales Director Continental Europe, in Amsterdam from 6th to 8th March, please get in touch to arrange a time.