27 September 2018


Our Product Manager, Gaspard Coudurier, spoke to WatersTechnology’s Hamad Ali about our newly launched Time-as-a-Service product with Hoptroff London.

WatersTechnologyWatersTechnology 21/09/2019
: Network and hosting provider BSO has announced a partnership with synchronization specialist Hoptroff to offer a platform for timestamping trades to within ten microseconds, an integrated platform it calls “time-as-a-service.”

According to Simon Kenny, CEO at Hoptroff, what makes the service different is having accuracy and traceability delivered on a global footprint.

“While other companies might offer accurate time, and there are several who are doing this, what they don’t do is actually also make the synchronization software that goes onto the servers. They don’t have the system for actually monitoring and recording timing logs.”Gaspard Coudurier

Gaspard Coudurier, product manager at BSO, says that in the absence of a service like the one it is offering, an entire infrastructure may have to be built in order to be able to sync with UTC and be able to report this to the regulator.

In many data centers, a global positioning system antenna can be put on the roof, but this would also involve a grandmaster clock to synchronize with the satellite, which would then need to be adjusted continually to ensure there is no lag.