30 August 2017


The telecommunications industry is awash with mergers, acquisitions and operators consolidating their networks. Rarely does a month go by without another high-profile M&A announcement.

At the heart of these corporate decisions is the belief that operational improvements and financial growth can be achieved by uniting two similar companies.

Typically, these decisions favour the businesses in question and intend to benefit employees and the bottom line.

Quite often though, customers bear the brunt of any disruption and are left unsupported through the M&A process.

Customer disruption is never the intention of any M&A activity – after all, future efficiencies are meant to improve customer service – however history shows the reality is quite different.


Why big isn’t always better

You might have experienced these effects first-hand or you could currently be at the mercy of your own supplier navigating a merger or acquisition.

Our advice in this scenario is to challenge them:

  • What assurances can your supplier make that you will be looked after?
  • Does this change present an opportunity to consider other providers?
  • What type of provider do you want your business to grow with?

To help answer these questions, below are five key elements to consider first:

1. Flexibility

Is my provider agile, do they react to my requirements quickly?

2. Personalised service

Are we simply a source of revenue or are we truly looked after?

3. Investment

How is my supplier funded, does this encourage long-term stability?

4. Innovation

Are outdated thinking and complex processes affecting our own goals?

5. Passion

Do the people we deal with really want us to succeed?

These five qualities usually shine through in an independent supplier, especially when directly compared to an operator that has been grown through M&A.


This is because…

1. …flexibility frees you from complexity.

The global economy offers countless opportunities, though these are only unlocked when a business can gain access to customers, partners and talent in other regions.

As globalisation continues its march forward, businesses want a network that enables international growth objectives.

An independent network supplier helps clients meet these goals.

2. …with excellent service, a business excels.

This is one of our founding values. We believe focusing on customer service and going the extra mile to help our clients delivers tangible results.

Telecom suppliers have a poor reputation for customer satisfaction, whereas an independent provider is much more in control of quality of service and reliability.

3. …an entrepreneurial spirit delivers a great customer experience.

For companies craving the ability to scale rapidly and enter emerging markets, a supplier aligned with this strategy is crucial.

A large operator might have industry clout, but are its shareholders and corporate objectives conducive to helping its customers grow? Do they truly put the customer needs first?

4. …supplier innovation drives growth.

A network provider that is constantly improving its routes, launching new connectivity paths and consistently searching for improvements is a powerful partner.

Does your supplier match this description?

5. …passion is the secret to shared success.

Ordinary thinking doesn’t produce extraordinary results and passionate people naturally put their dedication into everything they do.

Your supplier’s culture is almost as important as their technical capabilities and business credentials. It can make all the difference.


Thinking of changing provider?

Finding a supplier with all these qualities can be difficult, although we do exist!

One of the most challenging aspects is assessing your existing network provider honestly and not being afraid to migrate to a different supplier just because it involves change.

Discover how we can benefit your growing business in this diverse market.